Private Events

For your private board game event:

We host events that bring friends and co-workers together through the use of board games. For business and corporate events, our selection of co-operative/semi-cooperative games will stimulate and promote leadership, team building, development, and oh yeah, fun!

Our private events cover everything from nerdy jack and jill parties to birthdays. Want a mystery inspired dinner party that will keep your guests guessing? Or, would you like to test your skills of deception against your friends?

We’ll provide a custom menu of games and game facilitators (or “gameologists”) who will simplify game rules and moderate play, while also helping refresh and serve stationary hor dourves. Subject to availability, a Smart Served gameologist can be requested to bartend and serve.

Tell us about your upcoming event and we’ll come up with a gaming theme that works for you. 

Think your guests won’t like board games? Well, challenge accepted! Contact us and let us change your mind. 




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