Queers and more Queers Night May 6th

Formally known as Women & Trans Gaming Night hosted by BoardAgain’s own queers.This event welcomes trans, non-binary, femmes, women and any queer identified folk! 

Toronto Media Arts Centre is graciously donating space for our event.
You may also bring snacks and drinks, within reason.
The event will be on the second floor (there are elevators)
Check out some the other awesome things they run in their space. We are very grateful to be able to host this event.
Hopefully this is the beginning of a great partnership and we can continue to host this event monthly.

***This is an accessible, anti-oppressive space and a judgement -free zone. Unless you’re judging whether someone is smuggling contraband in Sheriff of Nottingham, in which case judging is allowed and even encouraged.

We will be teaching and playing some awesome board games, so feel free to bring yourself, your enthusiasm and any other lovely folk that are into fun.

*$6 to play
**Ask us about our PWYC and monthly membership options


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